Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker Review

If you are thinking of making your chapattis, Rotis or tortilla within the shortest time possible then think no more. Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker with Temperature Control will aid in doing this job in a very short time and convenient way that will make you like it.

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker is a very useful device especially when you do not want to waste much time when you are in a hurry. It will greatly save your time. Here at  Cheap Cookers Hom, you find Best Cookers item.

In addition to this, roti maker will help you cook a classic roti especially when your skill level is not that high to use the traditional way of making these products.

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker is a little different from the traditional one in some aspects. The traditional one will involve the use of a rolling pin and a board, and the dough you get with the roti maker is of homogeneous size, unlike the traditional one where the dough sometimes comes out shapeless especially when the cook is not experienced in that field.

In addition to saving time and skills, this maker is designed to flatten the ball of dough and cook the chapatti, tortilla, and rotis or wraps at the same time.

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker is very useful in preserving of the moisture so that the rotis do not get very dry and hard to eat when left for quite some time.

Both the top and the bottom non-stick coated plates, heat up to cook the tortillas from both sides making it evenly cooked.

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker

Quality Non-Stick Surface and Even Heat Distribution

The surface is of good quality. It is non-stick and therefore can be easily wiped clean using a moist cloth before cooking. It also distributes heat evenly to provide the best cooking all the time.

Engineered for Uniform Tortilla

The dough produced by this maker is of uniform and consistent in size. This makes your chapattis have a good shape that is attractive to customers who buy your products.

This bread maker can serve also other famous bread makers as follows.

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker
Best Small Bread Maker

Lets see feature of Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker

Thermostat to Control Temperature

The temperature is regulated at the set point throughout the cooking process using a thermostat which turns on/off the power supply to the device thus regulating it. So Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker will be best for you.

Auto ON/OFF Ready Light

This model is equipped with a thermostat temperature control for different and individual desired level of heat to cook home cooked fresh tortillas. There is also an Auto ON/OFF ready light which alerts the user when the maker is ready for use.

Ergonomically Designed, Durable Press Handler

The press handler used to press against the plates to make the dough circular features a durable design. Thus, it is efficient to use and lasts longer. It is also ergonomically designed for the best handling.

Easy Clean Chrome Finish Body

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Chapatti Flat Bread Wraps Tortilla Maker has a beautiful chrome finish and compact stand-up storage with built-in cord storage. Once you are through with cooking, you can clean this chapatti maker without any problems.

It comes with a two-year warranty. This assures you that this product is the best quality and does not contain manufacturing defects. Thus, the customers have the right to ask the manufacturer to deal with any issue according to their terms and conditions.

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  • It makes tortilla in very short time.
  • Non-stick cooking plates heat quickly and distribute heat evenly.
  • The temperature of the cooking plates is controllable by a thermostat.
  • Flattening of the dough is made easier by professional cool touch top handle press maker.
  • Easy to clean
  • Reasonably priced in the market


  • It makes the flat rotis and not the fluffed up phulkaas. If one needs fluffing up chapattis then, stove fire has to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Do I require any special skills to use this machine?

A: No, you only need the basic knowledge on how to operate it, which is provided in the operations manual.

Q: What is the overall performance of Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker with Temperature Control?

A: According to consumer reports, this product has been rated the best that is suitable for preparing Rotis, chapattis and tortillas within a very short time.

Q: How long will it take this product to reach me if I buy it?

A: Order within 24hrs and get free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime

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Final Verdict

Saachi SA1650 Electric Non-Stick Roti Maker is a great device that will provide the best cooking results. It is user-friendly, time conscious, produce homogeneous products, the temperature can easily be controlled and no special skill required operating it.

You don’t have to part with a huge amount of money to get this product. It comes at very reasonable prices and the quality of cooking offered is impressive. You may see more information about biggest crock pot.


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