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green pan reviews

We all love the green. I hope you are also the same to live and go with the green as well. So let’s green your home with the best Green Pans Review guide! So where to start? Well, it is smart to start with your cookhouse.

In today’s world, we all love to have a nonstick cookware in our kitchen room.  The greatest and latest in nonstick cookware is called green pan.

Why green? The concept is that these are eco-friendly and there is no PFOA or PTFE in the construction of this utensils. It is also a common concern to many of us that this cookware is so convenient. They are easily cleanable without any potential risk of your health.

With a very little effort and in minutes you can whip up fish, eggs, pancakes, burgers and much more with no mess. There is no scrubbing or soaking as this pan successfully wipes itself clean.

There are many different kinds of green pan out on the market. So it becomes quite challenging to choose the desired one for your needs. That is why we made this analysis guide.

We make a list of 5 leading green pans and their analysis that will save you both time and money. So please stay with us and read the full article. 





Green Pan, Pans for a Healthy Life

The Green Pan has a clear user profile: who not only care about what you eat but how and where cooks. So you need to have a little conscious before buying the finest Green Pans out on the market. If you want to know a little more about this brand because you are evaluating its purchase, we invite you to spend a few minutes on this post. We will also tell you where you can buy at a discount


The 5 Best Green Pan on The Market: Our Recommendations

1. Green Pan Lima 8″ Ceramic NonStick Open Frypan

2. Green Pan Rio 12pc Ceramic NonStick Cookware Set

3. Green Pan Rio 12 Inch Ceramic NonStick Fry Pan

4. Green Pan Lima 12pc Ceramic NonStick Cookware Set

5. Green Pan Lima 1QT and 2QT Ceramic NonStick Saucepan Set

Our Test Winner After 50 + Hours of Research:

The Green Pan Lima 8″ Frypan is the first choice in our top 5 best green pan reviews guide. 

green pan reviews
Our Honest Star Rating

Lima 8″ Ceramic Non-Stick

Why We choose it….

  • Free from toxic chemicals and constant pollutants
  • Comes with durable construction
  • Riveted stainless steel handles
Our Score

It is very nice looking pan mainly for frying eggs without having them stick. It comes with some quality features that make it best out on the market.

Our Top 3 Best Green Pan Summary

green pan reviews
  • Comes with durable construction
  • Free from toxic chemicals and constant pollutants
  • Release any harmful fumes
GreenPan Rio 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set
  • Manufactured without cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS
  • Safe cookware out on the market
  • Free from toxic chemicals
GreenPan Rio 12 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan
  • Manufactured without PFOA and PFAS
  • User-friendly Stay-cool handle
  • Thermolon ceramic non-stick interior coating

Here Are our Top 5 Green Pan Reviews For 2020:

1. GreenPan Lima 8″ Ceramic Non-Stick Open Frypan

green pan reviews


The pioneer product

The Lima Ceramic nonstick Open Frypan is the pioneer of healthy Ceramic Cookware available in the cookware industry.

Safe cookware

The Lima Open Frypan is a safe product. It does not have any persistent pollutants and poisonous  chemicals that make it safe  enough to use. 


The Lima Ceramic Frypan comes with durable construction. It features outstanding heat conduction and provides a dependable baking result. It is also durable enough to handle the sturdy cleaning which will last for years.


The Green Pan Lima classic collection Cookware is manufactured from hard anodized aluminum which form it extra durable and scratch-resistant.


Steel handle

The Lima Frypan comes with modern stainless steel handle which provides a stylish accent.

Thermolon coating

The Lima Frypan comes with Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating. It will make this safe to use in both on the stovetop or in the oven. This Thermolon coating makes your pan intact while using and guarantees professional performance.

Highlighted Features

  • Free from noxious chemicals and constant pollutants
  • Won't release any harmful fumes
  • Comes with durable construction
  • Included excellent heat conduction
  • Riveted stainless steel handles


  • The Lima Frypan is simple to use and easy to clean
  • It is the leader in healthy ceramic pan
  • It free from cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS
  • This is light in weight
  • Safe for use in oven up to 350°F


  • It is not heavy on the handle side
  • They cannot withstand the high temparature
  • This is not dishwasher safe

Overall it is a great pan with great size. I love this Lima Ceramic  Frypan. It is exactly what I am looking for and I will probably buy it again. I hope you feel really happy with this. It is well worth the money as well. So let’s choose this and make the right choice.

2. Green Pan Rio 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

GreenPan Rio 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set


The Rio 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick is great Cookware Set is excellent and quite perfect for making food and cleaning. Let’s discuss the top-notch features of this Green Pan Cookware Set below: 

Safe cookware

The Rio Cookware Set is the leading product out on the healthy ceramic cookware set industry. It is a safe cookware which is free from toxic chemicals and constant pollutants.


The Green Pan Rio Cookware Set comes with heavy-gauge construction. It provides dependable brewing results which are good enough for heat conduction.


The Rio Non-Stick Cookware Set gives your cookhouse an excellent touch with its color. It also gives your kitchen an elegant look. It is really a superior pan for your cook’s room decor.

Thermolon coating

The Rio is 12pc Ceramic Cookware Set which is black in color. This healthy ceramic non-stick pan comes with Thermolon coating which prevents release any harmful fumes, even though you by chance overheat your pan.

Heat distribution

This nonstick Cookware utensils comes with a smart mix of good heat distribution. It provides the users 100% cleaning and baking benefit. 


The Green Pan Rio Cookware Set has a stay-cool Bakelite handle. It can retain the temperature as it features a relaxed and comfortable grip. It also has an oven-safe glass lid.

Highlighted Features

  • 12pc ceramic non-stick cookware set
  • Safe cookware out on the market
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Manufactured without cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS
  • Convenient glass lids offer for simple food monitoring
  • Well build and Very sturdy


  • Ease to clean exterior
  • User-friendly handle for comfortable grip
  • Simple food monitoring system without losing the heat
  • Designed for worry-free cooking
  • 100% cooking and cleaning convenience
  • Pan warms up evenly and fast


  • Not too heavy
  • Does not allow you to cook at high temperature

The Green Pan Rio is an excellent set of cookware for the price. Finally, I am very happy with this Cookware Set. I would like to recommend this product as an incredibly good value as it is the right size and amount for most cooking needs. It is better than expected.

3. Green Pan Rio 10 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan

GreenPan Rio 12 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan


The Rio 12 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Pan is an amazing ceramic nonstick fry pan. It has excellent quality which is great for cooking. It is the revolution of modern nonstick cookware industry which lots of positive features. Let’s discuss the features of this Cookware below:


The Rio Non-Stick FryPan comes with a heavy gauge construction. It is excellent for providing you dependable baking results.


The Rio FryPan brings an elegant touch to your kitchen. This Fry Pan is especially for those who love fineness and elegance.

Heat distribution

The Rio Non-Stick FryPan features a smart combination of heat distribution the pan. You feel convenient to cook with this.

Thermolon coating

The Rio Non-Stick Fry Pan comes with Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick coating which makes it wash effortlessly.


The Rio Non-Stick Fry Pan comes with a quality stay cool Bakelite handle. It features a relaxed and comfortable grip that retain the overheat.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 Inch Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan
  • Manufactured without PFOA and PFAS
  • User-friendly Stay-cool handle
  • Thermolon ceramic non-stick interior coating
  • Withstand up to 600 F


  • Easy to clean cookware set
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% cleaning and cooking convenience
  • Ultimate cookware for low oil cooking
  • The Frying pan becomes heat fast and evenly


  • It does not allow cooking at over temperature
  • It looks little large

This Green Pan Rio Ceramic Cookware Fry Pan is really a nicely made and nothing sticks to this unit. I would highly recommend this Fry Pan which has durable and responsive surface.

4. Green Pan Lima 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick

GreenPan Lima 12pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set


The Lima 12pc Ceramic NonStick Cookware Set  is a very good product for the money. This Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set makes your cooking much easier. The top-notch features of this product are given below:


The Lima 12pc Ceramic NonStick Cookware Set comes with durable construction. It provides you reliable cooking results which feature excellent heat conduction.

Safe cookware

The Lima 12pc Ceramic NonStick Cookware Set is a safe cookware set. It is free from constant pollutants and toxic chemicals.

It is the leading product in the healthy ceramic non-stick cookware industry. It is also manufactured without cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS that makes it safe to use.

Steel handles

The Lima 12pc Ceramic Cookware Set comes with stainless steel handles. It has a relaxed and comfortable grip that can retain the heat.

Highlighted Features

  • Healthy 12 pc ceramic Cookware Set
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating
  • It releases any harmful fume
  • Features excellent heat conduction
  • Convenient glass lids (help you to monitor your food easily)


  • Made of hard anodized aluminum that makes it efortless to use
  • Guarantees professional performance
  • It is a low oil frying pan
  • Oven safe up to 420°F
  • Heats quickly and evenly
  • Worry-free cooking


  • It does not allow excessive heat for cooking
  • It seems too much light

Finally, it is a great cookware set which is better than I expected. Cooking is much easier with this Green Pan Lima 12pc Ceramic  Cookware Set. I would recommend this as it is a great product for the money.

5. Green Pan Lima 1QT and 2QT Ceramic Non-Stick Set

GreenPan Lima 1QT and 2QT Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan Set


The Green Pan Lima 1QT and 2QT Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan Set is the final product in our great green pan analysis guide. It is one of the favourite listed cookware set out on the market that has plenty of features. Let’s discuss these features below:


The Green Pan Lima 1QT and 2QT Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan Set come with a durable construction. Its heat conduction capability is excellent and you will enjoy reliable cooking results throughout this pan.

Safe Cookware

The Green Pan Lima is safe and environment-friendly cookware set that is free from all kinds of toxic chemicals and constant pollutants. It also manufactures without cadmium, lead, PFOA, and PFAS.

Steel Handles

The Green Pan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan Set comes with Riveted stainless steel handles. It has a relaxed and comfortable grip that can retain the overheat of the pan.

Thermolon Coating

The Green Pan Lima Ceramic Saucepan Set comes with Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating. This coating allows your frying pan to use in the oven or on the stove up.

Thermolon coating guarantees the professional performance of the GreenPan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan.

Highlighted Features

  • 1QT and 2QT ceramic non-stick saucepan set.
  • Included durable construction.
  • Made of hard anodized aluminum.
  • Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating.
  • Free shipping.


  • Easy to use saucepan set.
  • While using it to cook low oil will get ultimate support.
  • It can withstand up to 600°F.
  • Conducts heat quickly and evenly.
  • It has a user-friendly hand.
  • Oven safe (glass lids up to 420°F).


  • It does not allow overheat while cooking.
  • Be careful as the handle can get a bit warm.

Overall, it is so far so good and I think it is a good purchase for the money. I would highly recommend this Green Pan Lima Ceramic Non-Stick Saucepan Set.

Shopping Guide: What You Should Know About Green Pan

In this article, we’ll take care of answering the most common questions you may have ever asked yourself to learn about some interesting things about green pans. Thus, in a market with a very wide offer, it will be easier for us to assess the peak options to obtain a good performance in our cooking, especially if we are beginners and we do not know the behavior of the different pans.

What is a Green Pan?

So what is a green pan? A green pan is a piece of appliance which is a nonstick cookware. It is constructed with new non-Teflon coatings. They become the popular alternatives to nonstick tools that are not so healthy of the last 20 years.

The materials of this green pan are safe enough to the traditional nonstick cookware.   They have Thermolon cooking surface and made of anodized aluminum. The exterior of the green pan is coated in Thermolon or stainless steel.

Characteristics of Green Pan

Since its appearance on the market in 2007, Green Pan frying pans have convinced millions of people around the world thanks to the high quality of their ceramic non-stick coating.

Green Pan is a manufacturer brand of pans of Belgian origin. Its two creators fulfilled a childhood dream when they discovered that many nonstick coated pans released toxic elements when overheated and contained PFOA during the manufacture of the nonstick. Faced with this scenario, they launched an alternative to frying pans with an ecological and healthy non-stick coating.


After much research, they discovered the perfect material. This is the Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating.

After tests and experiments, they established a team of professionals to design frying pans and kitchenware with a modern and elegant design to make the best quality frying pans, ecological, non-stick, healthy and environmentally friendly.
More than ten years later, Green Pan pans are present in millions of homes around the world.

Currently, the Green Pan pans have the fifth generation of the non-stick coating.

The result of a process of continuous innovation, its Thermolon non-stick coating is getting better and better, offering greater durability and resistance to daily and intensive use. One of the latest innovations is the insertion of diamond particles. This gives it a really extraordinary hardness. This translates into extreme durability and resistance to all types of abrasion and food acids that are released during cooking.

Next we are going to analyze the main technical characteristics that the Green Pan frying pans offer us.

  • Anti scratch: The surface of the pan offers high resistance to scratches and scratches caused by metal cookware and other kitchenware during storage. For this, a surface has been developed with a technology to give it superior strength and hardness. This prevents scratches from occurring when cooking with the utensils. Also when we store pans on top of each other. All of this ensures that the Green Pan skillet stays like new for much longer. For the exterior coating, a reinforced layer has also been applied to prevent scratches on the exterior.
  • Induction base : Green Pan pans are suitable for induction cookers. They work equally well in gas and ceramic cookers. The induction frying pan base features energy saving technology that greatly improves the efficiency of the frying pan. This magnetic base generates a magnetic field that transmits heat much more efficiently than conventional kitchens. Thus heat is transmitted more quickly and is also distributed evenly and homogeneously. This means that no hot or cold areas are generated. It achieves that the whole pan quickly reaches the temperature and therefore, cooking the food is done optimally. In addition to efficient. All this means that when cooking with a Green Pan frying pan, the necessary cooking times are reduced. Which in turn also produces significant energy savings when cooking. The handle of the Green pan pans has a very striking and elegant design. But it has also been designed to offer maximum durability. Its ergonomic design favors a better handling of the pan while keeping it cold. It is also suitable for cooking in the oven with the pan.
  • Ergonomic handle : Green Pan has all the certificates and complies with the most demanding regulations. Both regarding its manufacturing processes and the use of sustainable and ecological materials. Green Pan has become an icon of recycling and sustainability in frying pans. This is the result of an optimized manufacturing process that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 60%. Toxic emissions are reduced during the manufacture of non-stick coatings and throughout the manufacturing phase. For all these reasons, if you are looking for a frying pan that is ecological, without toxic elements, healthy and that is also respectful with the environment, Green Pan frying pans are currently the best option on the market.

What are the Materials of Green Pan Cookware?

The green pan cookware comes in different materials. Each of the materials has different features. So here are the common features of each material given below:

  • Aluminium : Aluminium is known as the best heat conductors which are only overcome by copper or gold. The Aluminium construction allows the green pan to heat rapidly and evenly. The green pan with aluminum construction has Thermolon ceramic non-stick coating on both the exterior and interior. So there is no aluminum found to contact your food.
  • Hard anodized : The hard anodized pan for cooking food is highly hard. It features excellent heat conduction. The hard anodized pan is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning. Anodized exterior also makes it durable and strong.
  • Stainless steel : This is the high-grade material. It can cleans up easily. The combination of thermal properties of aluminum and the non-reactive surface of stainless steel gives it an elegant and shiny look. They are also perfect to conduct with heat as well.

What are the benefits of using the green pan cookware?

The green pan gives you all the great benefits of nonstick cookware. Here are some advantages are given below:

  • The green pan comes with the healthy cooking surface. It does not allow the petroleum base particles to your food.
  • They have an environment-friendly construction in the cookware industry.
  • They ate coated with silicon or ceramic that is safe enough for animals and humans. The ceramic coatings are free from toxic substances.
  • They are PTFE free and PFOA free cookware out on the market
  • They come with recycled or biodegradable materials in their packaging
  • They are made of nontoxic and Teflon free materials
  • The green pan can withstand higher cooking temperatures
  • Also valid for induction cookers

What are the safety tips for using the green pan?

You should consider the following tips before using the green pan:

  • It is not recommended to use the exceeding heat while cooking. The pan with ceramic coating needs to be heated to medium heat.
  • It is easily washable by hand. The slick surface of the pan wears out by using dishwasher detergent. So it is safe to wash this pan by hand.
  • Always check the quality of your green pan cookware. Buy the pan with heavy aluminum interior and durable construction that can conduct heat evenly.
  • So if you consider these simple tips you can get the quality pan. So let’s start cooking with this good quality green pan.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Green Pan last?

While the non-stick layer tends to wear out over time, GreenPan can last for quite 2 years. they have a tendency to be more durable than other pans.

2. Is Green Pan Safe?

GreenPan is the pioneer of healthy non-stick ceramic, safe cooking that contains no toxic chemicals or persistent contaminants and is easy to use.

3. Is Green Pan Good Brand?

The Yes, Sure. GreenPan are one of the best ecological options market. In the market, you can find hundreds of brands and types of pans . But few brands assure us such efficient use of materials or that their pans do not contain any type of toxic element.

4. Which Green Pan is the Best

Among the GreenPan brands I’ve mentioned, I could say that the best is Greenpan Lima.


Final Verdict

The good green pans are always easy to clean and cook which come at an affordable price range. If you are an expert cook or always want a hassle-free washing after the cook, the premier nonstick cookware set will save you both time and money.

I hope after reading the green pan assessment guide, you can buy the right one for your hassle-free cooking. Al these products are reviewed above is top rated and user-friendly. You can buy any one of these items.

We are eager to know seriously what you think about green pan cookware set. Have you got any of the green pans we discussed? Which one do you buy and how did it work out for you? Or what do you know about the even better cookware set?

Please leave a comment below! And help your fellow customers to make the right choice. Over to you.

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