How to Use a Roaster Oven like a Slow Cooker

Did you know that you can use a toaster oven, also as a slow cooker? This helps in many ways, primarily because you wouldn’t have to end up buying a separate slow cooker for most of your basic cooking needs.

Of course, if you are into high-end cooking, then a slow cooker will be irreplaceable but for the most part, using a roaster oven (or even a corck pot) might be a great alternative.

To use your roaster oven like a slow cooker, you have to make sure that you are peeling and chopping all your ingredients in the smallest of pieces. This is an additional step; however, this will allow you to cook a perfect dish – even with the roaster oven.

Make sure that you layer your meat and vegetables properly – unlike a slow cooker, the roaster oven might actually put most of the heat at the bottom and work its way up. You will have to factor that in when you are cooking.

The best idea would be to put the meat on top and then the vegetables around so that you can flavor everything inside. You can see a slow cooker for good analysis.


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