Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker Review

I know how stressful it is to come back home from work to prepare your meals. The choice of cooker you use is the beginning of all your problems in the kitchen. Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker gives you the solution. It is designed with several racks that you can use to cook several meals at once.

It has a cover lock indicator which will guide you on when to remove the cover once the pressure inside the cooking pressure has been reduced.

This pressure cooker is faster as compared with other cooking methods. It will make your food look healthy and flavorful. Also, it is the best pressure to use when you want to prepare a quick meal.

Within just a short time, your meat will be ready, soft and tender to consume. Get this pressure cooker for only $50 and enjoy the quality service it will provide you with.

Cook To Perfection

With this pressure cooker, you are sure to have a perfect meal for the least possible time. If you want to prepare meat for your family, use the correct pressure cooker for a soft and tender meat.

This will help you reduce incidences of serving a very tough meat to your family members. The meals will be ready after a very short period.

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker is the best pressure cooker to use during the week when you come back home from work feeling tired. Many customers who have purchased it have praised thick cooker. It is rated and given a five star for being the best cooking pressure.

Helper Handle

Most of the youths are afraid of getting burnt while cooking. When you purchase this pressure cooker, your fears are reduced for it will allow you to prepare your meals safely.

It is fitted with a helping hand which is a bad conductor of heat. It will ensure that your hands are safe whenever you are cooking. Helper handles are fitted to help you lift the pressure cooker whenever what you are cooking is ready.

Pressure Regulator

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker is fixed with a pressure regulator which will ensure that the correct pressure required is achieved.

The pressure regulator will automatically maintain the proper cooking pressure. This will ensure that your food doesn’t get burnt.

The heat intensity will differ depending on the type of food you are cooking. You can, therefore, catch up with other chores while your food being cooked.

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker

Easy To Clean

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker is made of a material that is easy to clean. Once you are through with your cooking, you will have to wait for it to cool down and clean it with a lot of easy.

If you apply regular washing soap, you will not use a lot of force to remove food particles from your pressure cooker. The steel ensures that your pressure cooker is stain-free. Always ensure that you leave your pressure cooker clean.

Extended 12-Year Warrant

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker is fully protected under a 12-year warranty that allows the user to return it whenever it is faulty within the period set.

You may purchase a pressure cooker but fails to work due to mechanical malfunction. The manufacturers, therefore, give you an opportunity to return the product for replacement if it meets certain conditions required to be replaced. You must ensure that the pressure cooker is in the same.

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  • It is easier to clean.
  • It does not react to acid-based foods such as tomato juice.
  • It is light and easier to carry.
  • Helper handle protects you from burns.
  • It does not use electricity.


  • It is not electric.

Best Pressure Cooker

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it easy to quick-release the pressure?

A: Yes. The pressure cooker locks when the current pressure is reached.

Q: Is this pressure cooker electric?

A: No. It is a stove use pressure cooker.

Q: Can you use the cooker on a flat surface stove?

A: Yes you can. That is how I use mine.

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Final Verdict

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker I have ever come across. It will help you to prepare your meals as quickly as possible.

The helper’s hand is a protective measure put in place to ensure that the users are not burnt while cooking. It is a non-conductor, therefore, does not conduct heat at any high temperatures.

Presto 01365 Stainless Steel Best Pressure Cooker is best for cooking vegetables, fish meat, and other food. For the meat, it will ensure that it becomes tender and soft.

Purchase this affordable pressure cooker online at trusted sites like Amazon among others and enjoy your cooking experience.


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